Thursday, December 20, 2007

Judge Issues Warrant for R. Kelly's Arrest

R. Kelly's bail may be revoked after not showing up for a court appearance and having a bench warrant issued for his arrest.

The singer narrowly avoided being arrested when he arrived in court on December 20. The original court date he missed, on the 19th, has led the judge to consider revoking his bail.

Judge Vincent Gaughan told Kelly that he was "very dissappointed". R. Kelly has been allowed to tour the US and the judge has warned him that he should not take these rights for granted.

“I’m telling you these are extraordinary matters to have this break given to yourself, and then nobody shows up except your attorneys”, he said.

The date for the trial is scheduled to be set soon. Kelly is faced with child pornography charges,after he allegedly taped himself having sex with a girl who was believed to be underaged.

For some reason, it has taken nearly 6 years for the case to come to trial. Leaders around the country are outraged.

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