Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Terrell Owens Has Harsh Words for Keyshawn Johnson

It appears that Keyshawn Johnson has joined the "Hater Club" according to Terrell Owens. Johnson, an ESPN analyst and former wide receiver under Bill Parcells, claimed that if the Cowboys win the SuperBowl, it will be due to the team that Parcells built. Here is what Owens had to say in response to Johnson:

"I'm probably the reason he's in the booth now. He's going to be a hater and throw me under the bus because he has to defend Bill. He won a Super Bowl and all, but you'd have to check the roster to know he was even on the team.

We came out in the same year. He was a first-rounder and I was a third. Go compare our stats. He couldn't come down here now and be a third or fourth receiver on this team. Just compare our stats."

Johnson felt that Owens disrespected Parcells, while Owens seemed to feel that Parcells did not give him enough throws and did not make very good personnel decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Who really care about two ego maniacs locker room comments.It's not even about football, lets face it both were pain in ass receiver who cared only about themselves rather than the game, coaches or teammates. They both love one thing attention, I think Keyshaun is the worst commentator on T.V.