Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big Willie: Will Smith is stepping up for Barack Obama

Actor Will Smith has recently told the New York Post that he contacted Sen. Barack Obama about joining his campaign as a surrogate campaigner. "Yeah. I opened it up to him. I just gave him a call and asked him to tell me wherever you think you need me. I think he's what the future of America is going to be. Barack represents what I feel is the future of the optimum survival of America," Smith told the Post.

Obama's officials are remaining stone-faced, citing that they have no immediate plans to use Smith on the campaign trail. However, one can't ignore the fact that Smith's presence, when compounded with Oprah Winfrey, is sure to increase Obama's voting base.

One concern, however, is that too strong of an alignment with African-Americans may alienate some of Obama's white supporters.
"We have to ask if the world is truly ready for a black president, with black people trailing him", says Dr. Boyce Watkins. "Remember: Some still consider the White House to be a place for mostly white people. A black man can come in, but some think that he can't bring too many black people with him."


DEBORAH said...

obama, you need to except the support of Will Smith,so what that he is black you are going to need everyone you can get to win the election. Don't forget the black community has not completely decided to support you yet including myself.

KleoKatra said...

Give Me a break please... I have seen White (Caucasian) Presedential runners with so many Black (Africans) supporters standing behind them try to get the Black vote, I thought they were going to make a Tarzan Movie..
So If that kind of fear is running his campaign we don't need him. He will be of no help to the People (for the people, by the people). He will only get in the White (People) House and become the token of America, and the same corrupt government will continue to run the system, that sucks the life out of what this country was meant to be. The Ideal is to get not only black supporters but, to also add white supporters who truly want to see a change.