Monday, November 7, 2011

GUILTY: Dr. Conrad Murray Convicted For Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson


After a highly emotional trial packed with suspicious testimony and revealing details about the King of Pop’s drug habits, Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson.

Using Murray's phone records, testimony from police and Murray's current and former girlfriends to create a detailed timeline, prosecutors were able to prove that Murray was on the phone throughout the morning of Jackson's death on June 25, 2009.

Jackson's former bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, testified that the doctor instructed him to place medicine vials in bags before calling 911 on the day Jackson died.

Detective Orlando Martinez testified that Murray described a nearly 10-hour ordeal of trying to get Jackson to sleep, allegedly giving him a valium pill and two other sedatives intravenously before yielding to the singer's demands for propofol.

Jackson called the powerful drug his "milk," and coroner's investigators discovered several vials of it in a bag labeled "Baby Essentials" in Jackson's closet.

The California Medical Board has already suspended Dr. Murray’s license after deciding that a guilty verdict was probably, now Texas and Nevada may follow suit.

Jackson had a strong heart and was mostly healthy, testified Dr. Christopher Rogers, chief of forensic medicine for the Los Angeles County coroner.

"The care was substandard," Rogers said. "There were several actions that should have been taken."

Murray faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison and a minimum sentence of probation.


Weigh in YBNews readers: Is the verdict justified?


Anonymous said...

So sad American law is so loosely written. Knowing he was ill prepared, lacked hospital setting and necessary medical equipment and personel for revival, his charge should have been FIRST DRGREE MURDER. Since law only provided for this charge a smarter STATE would have added additional charges IE procurring meds ilegally, keeping meds in unsafe manner, abuse of his narcotic number to write scripts, writing scripts with facticious names for Michael etc. etc. I can only hope he now gets his maximum sentence of measley 4 years and NOT probation. How dare he come to this country and take a life for greed of money. I would have had him executed if I had been making the final decision. And I would have done it without any possibility of appeals and years waiting, feeding and housing him. Instead ot remanding to jail without bond, I would have remanded him to the electricution chamber for immediate electrocution.

Anonymous said...

Now that he has spent his first night in jail I wonder how he now feels re: having something taken away from him. As Micheal's family and the world that so loved the King. I am sure he has had his rectal virginity tampered with IF it was virgin. He can take this to the bank if prison accounts are accurate.

Anonymous said...

What is very sad is the way we coddle "famous People" in this country. We, including doctors and other professionals cannot say no to them and their money. Or, that that's wrong, immoral or illegal. Because when it comes right down to the truth we all worship the almighty dollar. It's cliché but its all about the Benjamin's! And I don't care who you are. Greed often rules our rational mind. So it did with good Dr. Murray as well as all those doctors and health care professionals protecting and providing drugs to Anna Nicole Smith and her unfortunate shy son Daniel. And where are all these people now? Dead and buried in their graves. They too must take some responsibility for their sick desire for fame, fortune and the next high. It will kill you.
Fame is a Bitch.
Fame is a drug.
Dead is forever.

Anonymous said...

Cm didn't have a chance in this celeb case. There are more to blame than meets the eye(Joe, his family and all the other enablers, including Michael himself) Cm was the last man standing. It's ashamed that one celeb can have power over others and cause bad consequences for all, including themselves. This was a lesson and Cm was used to teach it. Enable or not to enable that is the question. It's hard to change a grown man's habits, but you can change yours. Stay blessed everyone and Peace to all. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to blame other people involved in Michael Jackson's possible dug addition. That is not an issue here. The bottom line is Conray Murray was very irresponsible by even suggesting propofol to MJ and even more irresponsible monitoring him on it! And he failed to timely call a response unit, almost 30 minutes past before trying to seek help!! He failed to tell the paramedic and doctors of all the drugs in MJ's body including the ONE he knew had killed MJ! He deserves his punishment!

Anonymous said...

Micheal Jackson killed Micheal Jackson.... People tend to get behind entertainers as if they were some sort of prophet...He was addicted to drugs and was in denial about who he really was.. Yes Dr. Murray played a part but he wasnt the only culprit... he was just caught holding the bag....Its funny how the same DA was trying to prosecute MJ for child molestation... now they are trying to seek justice for him... SMH. if it was any other person Dr. Murray wouldnt even be going through this drama... we can never rise as a people if we rally behind child molesters like MJ and R.kelly and drug heads like Lil Wayne... black man take the gold teeth out of your mouth and pull your pants up and learn how to read.....

Berdell Fleming said...

I am sorry to say that I agree that thier were many involved in enabling and not seeking help for Michael. I cannot not believe that family members could not see and respond to the issues.