Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Voter ID Laws Cause A Great Deal of Concern Among Advocates

Your Black World Reports

New laws in 13 states have, according to critics, made it more difficult for disenfranchised voters to have access to the ballot box.  Some of the laws require voters to show state-issued ID, cut off early voting, get rid of same day registration and reverse the rules on allowing votes to be made by convicted felons.

There are 24 other states considering measures that are similar to the first 13.  This has set off alarm bells for voting rights advocates across the country.

Those who support the measures argue that it keeps illegal aliens from voting and reduces voting fraud.  The problem is that most studies show that voting fraud has very little impact on the outcomes of elections.  Most of the states integrating the new laws are controlled by Republicans, and many believe that the regulations are designed to increase Republican power over the government.

Civil Rights groups say that the new laws are modern day poll taxes and literacy tests.   House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said that the laws are “perverse policies” that “subvert Americans’ basic right to vote.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, says that the laws are just fine.

"And when it comes to voting, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say you have to prove that you are who you say you are, and we'll find accommodating ways to get there," Graham said. "So I think sanctifying the voting process in a way that makes sense, to make sure that we're electing people based on registered voters, is a goal that we should all be concerned about, want to achieve."

The Congressional Black Caucus has gotten on board to stop the perceived assault on voting rights.  They are meeting this week with Attorney General Eric Holder to express their concerns.  A study at New York University found that 21 million Americans do not have government issued ID.  Also, 25 percent of African Americans do not have the ID they would need under the new laws, increasing concerns that black voters will be further marginalized from the political process.

"'Voter ID is making it harder to get registered," said Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. "You can't get a birth certificate in the South in many instances. ... This is a way of making it difficult to vote."


WizardG said...

You know how some people are more astute at recognizing or seeing things than others? I mean that, in many various human thoughts,realizations, and configurations, there are always a few who are more adept at somethings,than most others. For instance a scientist that is not only on genius level but well studied in say..Climate Change can see the results of human activity which cause detriment of the earth's delicate atmosphere and resources. And a professor of biology can better understand that field. And then there are some people who are untrained by institutionalized education facilities but have great talents (gifts) in certain things that they find great interest in and because of their acute focus on certain things they see them better, and understand them better than others.

All this to say that our social structure is completely distorted on every level! This political spectrum we are encouraged to vote in is convoluted and warped to a degree that appears to multiply as the years progress! All this because of a few "humans" who have stolen, manipulated, and hoarded great wealth and power and have succeeded in "defrauding" the political structure and distorted many facets of other 'perceived' rights and freedoms to the point that voting for deceptive selfish politicians is no longer worth the effort!They are all liars and thieves to a great extent and they leave the citizenry in a loop of constant fighting, suffering, and even dying to achieve the things that, because of "taxes", we should have received easily in the first place and should not need to fight 'tooth and nail' for on every level in every year of our existence!
We are so deceived by the "system" that we still believe we matter to those (political scoundrels) who obtain more wealth and power as they lie-cheat, and steal from us and our children.
We fight hard year after year and we still find ourselves fighting all over again for the same things we fought for years, decades, and centuries before!At this rate of great and total deception, our children will continue to fight under these same deceptions in centuries to come. And in centuries to come, hundreds of millions of men, women, and children will suffer great pain and die horrid deaths because we allow ourselves to continue along these same antiquated paths, vote for the same fraudulent sociopathic lying thieves, and follow the same systemic patterns that have been set up to tear us down ever since the very beginning of a diabolical journey of 'Manifest Destiny'! We are voting for [nothing people] to accomplish objectives that should have always been there for us! It is time to boot them ALL out and choose those we know to be 'good people' not those pushed into focus by the corrupt elite and their media franchises. It is also time to end the ability of the [realm of the elite]to lord over our lives!

Ironset said...