Saturday, October 15, 2011

CNN: Herman Cain Rose to the Top by Throwing Black and Poor People Under the Bus

The more inflammatory Herman Cain's statements are, the more his numbers climb, LZ Granderson says.

by LZ Granderson,

It seems fitting that Herman Cain has surged into the top tier of the GOP candidates just as "Celebrity Apprentice" announces its new cast for the upcoming season.

I suspect a year from now the two will be one.

After all, reality TV is at its best when there's a villain we can't take our eyes off of, and over the past two weeks, can you think of anyone who one has benefited more from playing the bad guy than Cain? Back in August he received less than 10% of the Iowa straw poll vote. At the beginning of September, he was still near the bottom in the polls. Now he's a front-runner.

How'd he do it?

By imitating Omarosa -- the villain from the first season of "The Apprentice," who has since made a career out of being bad on reality TV.



Nyere said...

I don't think that he threw anyone under the bus. The truth is that Herman Cain worked hard to get where he is today. Although America is imperfect, if one works hard, doesn't make bad moral choices , pursue education, not bring children into the world without being able to care for them, one can be what one wants to be no matter what you look like. We are all in our situations based upon what we have done and what we have failed to do. If Herman Cain went out to become somebody, no one should knock him.

Anonymous said...

Nyere, nobody is knocking Herman Cain for his success. Self styled moralists like you and others choose to hear what they've been conditioned to think and believe whenever Mr. Cain is criticized for being the lap dog of white racists. No one is faulting him for his hard work, business success, or wonderful moral choices. He is not the only 'perfect' black person you know. If we take a look at the U.S congress, the last time I checked, the black members of congress seem to be conducting themselves a lot better than their white counterparts when it comes to morality. Several white leaders in our country's Senate and house, have had affairs, (sometimes with escorts), and in the case of John Edwards, an out of wedlock child. Bristol Palin, remember her?, brought a child into this world unmarried, high school education an all, but is celebrated and rewarded today with millions and book/television deals in the same conservative circles that are quick to point to the moral failings of others...especially when those others are black. Maybe you are blind to the double standards, but for the avoidance of doubt buddy, Herman Cain antagonists hate his pandering mannerisms to white supremacists in America. A man can rise without insulting and being condescending towards his own race all so publicly to the cheers of already prejudiced whites.

Maybe you are not aware, but President Obama also worked hard, made good choices, and rose up. So did Attorney General Holder, so did General Colin Powell, so did Alexis Herman, and countless other black achievers, and nobody has demeaned them for their achievements which came from work as well. None of the aforementioned people let loose their mouth recklessly like Herman Cain especially when it came to addressing black people. This is what disgust people about Herman Cain. You lying twisting so called conservative should get it. People do not begrudge Mr. Cain for his success. Furthermore on choices, you self righteous conservatives
love to portray yourselves as people of good moral standing. Your history suggests otherwise however.

White people do not have a monopoly on moral perfection. They have personal failures just like blacks or any other black people. Sadly, this is one country where a person mistakes, and poor choices, even if non criminal can tarnish and destroy that person's life or future. There is little room for redemption in America. The American society ensures that one is damaged for life over poor choices they may have made in the past thereby condemning the individual into a life of bondage. That sort of system and mentality is totally anti-Christian, and anti God. This life condemnation often affects black people more so than whites. On a grand scale, white people cause more destruction to humanity in America and the World over, do they take responsibility as they preach and demand of others?

When black people were brought to America to labor as slaves for centuries, and they had their morality intact, and were very subservient to the white masters, and were morally upright people, why then didn't society reward them for their extremely hard work, good choices, non violence, and for their good family values? Can you explain that to me?


Anonymous said...

Adebayo, you are exactly right.
It is not an issue of morality. Herman Cain is just a real-life Uncle Ruckus. He and others like him believe that black folks are lazy, shiftless and immoral. They believe that this is why we are in the position that we're in.

For an individual, it is possible to strive to become successful in America. This is the current ideal stated by so many in the country.

A people constitute a mass movement, one that inspires an equally, if not larger, mass movement. As the group Public Enemy said so eloquently so many years ago,: "It takes a nation of millions to hold us back".

How can immigrants and foreigners call us lazy when we built this country for free? Actually, not free-we paid the dearest price, with our very security, safety and even our very soul. We ourselves have even bought into the "negroes are worthless" attitude that is as American as apple pie.

These people, and the Herman Cains of the world, need to just sit down and shut up. If they need to say anything, they should just say "Thank you".

Question: did Herman Cain publicize his views when he headed Godfather's Pizza? No. His corporate board would've fired him. His remarks would've damaged their reputation & ability to earn and would've caused major boycotts of their products all over the nation.

Our best weapon is our unity. We aren't getting anywhere listening to politicians who don't serve us.
Our needs surpass any election that only happens every 2-4 years. What happens between those times? Our lives happen, and they can't wait for some politico to come down from Mt. Washington D.C. and anoint us with some impressive speech with nary any results.