Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pitbull Attacks 3 Children, Goes On Barbershop Rampage

Your Black World Reports:

"Get at me dog" is urban slanguage that can be heard in many barbershops around the world, but in one shop in Rhode Island, "Get away from me dog" was probably more accurate.

After being released from his home accidentally by a minor child, a pitbull took off on a rampage through his neighborhood --- attacking three children along the way ---, before exploding into Christian Reyes' barbershop in Providence, sending patrons scurrying for cover.

The heroic shop owner fearlessly struck the pitbull trying to protect his customers with his bare hands, telling WPRI, "We didn't have nothing to hit him with." Reyes suffered minor bites on his hands.

The dog's owner says that though the violent animal had attacked an intruder in the past, they did not think he was capable of being so aggressive.

A 13 year-old, 11 year-old, and another child were sent to the hospital and have since been released.

Animal control has quarantined the animal for ten days to ensure it doesn't have rabies, and the dog's owner has signed over all rights, saying that he no longer wants the animal in his home.

Animal control has already said that the dog will be euthanized after the 10 day quarantine is over.

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