Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Don't Rappers Ever Rap About Killing White Folks?

By Julius Kane

It’s called “Kill-a-N!gga” music. And it’s a touchy subject, I know. In fact, a lot of people are ‘mad’ at me right now for even bringing it up. “Kill-a-N!gga” music is  propagated by rappers who are always talking about killing other black men. They’re everywhere and especially down south. And their influence on our children is undeniable; all the sagging pants are a testament to that. Now go tell any of the top rappers to rap about killing a White person and he won’t do it. In fact, he’d be scared stiff at the thought of it. Why? Because this “studio gangster” is afraid of what the White executives at his record label might say or do. They pat him on the head and toss him a biscuit (money) when he talks about killing other Black folks. But they’ll slap him on the head with a newspaper if he says one word about killing White people. It’s absolutely wrong to do either, but by allowing him to devalue Black life they’re teaching our children that White life is more important than their own. Self hate is a powerful tool, isn’t it?

Now run ask your favorite rapper where his loyalty really lies and you’ll find out that like most dogs it’s with his master. He’s afraid to bite the hand that feeds his people poison. In cities where Black on Black crime is epidemic, we must explain the concept of subliminal messages and blatant disregard to our endangered young men. Their lives literally depend on it. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the primary focus in every rap song is beating down the black woman in some way, shape or form and outright killing the black man. Sure they toss in drugs, money and jewelry but that’s just the appetizer, shooting a “N!gga” in the head is the main objective; ask Jeezzy, Gucci or Wayne who’ve all rapped about “shooting some N!gga in the dome.”

That begs the question; would white folks get angry or mad if a black rapper constantly talked about killing white folks? Definitely; it wouldn’t be tolerated. That rapper's career would be over. It would become national news that he was at the very least inciting violence against white folks. But it's perfectly alright to pay him to incite violence against other Blacks. To date and as far as I know, Tupac and Ice Cube are the only rappers I’ve ever heard go off topic. Tupac may have had his flaws but they sure as hell don’t make rappers like that anymore.

Writer and Publisher JULIUS KANE is the author of 'The fruits of Sarah Bartmaan' and Five other novels.

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Anonymous said...

They don't rap about killing whites for the same reason they don't rap about making fat stacks via currency arbitrage; blacks kill other blacks much more than they kill whites. In fact, if they did rap about killing whites, they would be criticized on these pages for promoting a false stereotype of the Scary Black Man who is out killing whites.