Monday, May 2, 2011

Sring Cleaning - Physically and Mentally

Have you started or completed spring cleaning? Is this something you should do; moreover, are you tired of hearing about this seemingly nagging task – year after year? These are a few of the questions often associated with the term spring cleaning but do we really know what it means to clean in the spring time. There is little debate that spring cleaning in the classic sense - means to get rid of unwanted household or any kind of tangible clutter. Here are 5 quick spring cleaning tips:

1.) Create a checklist: Decide what needs to be cleaned or organized upfront to improve greater chances of success. 2.) Decide what tools are needed to accomplish each item on checklist: The lining up of the right resources/materials shows focus and a true desire to see a task through fruition. 3.) Put a team in place to help if needed: A support team can potentially make any task more manageable. A key individual or groups of persons who support your efforts are priceless. 4.) Make a schedule: Having a date and time slated for everyone involved with a project will
have a lasting affect as a tangible benchmark. 5.) Develop a positive transition: It’s important to understand the change you made as a good milestone. The method of completing any positive task can be a healthy time-proven model that can be used over and over again.

Interestingly, the spring cleaning tips to help get rid of things visible can also be applied to the invisible ones. Did you know that your mind can be a breeding ground to harbor vicious and plaguing negative thoughts? These types of internal daggers can be detrimental to accomplishing any kind of real progress. Unfortunately, the pharmacological approach is often the first choice and sometimes clinically necessary to filter out such poisonous messages that stifle the lives of millions of people.

Now that the catch-phrase of conducting spring cleaning as an anecdotal expression seems to make sense after it’s been broken down a bit – more people might think of trying it. So, in the scheme of things; whether it’s mentally or physically - spring cleaning can happen in any season of the year. Please feel free to share some of the best spring cleaning tips you have for Your Black World family.

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