Monday, May 9, 2011

Ne Ne, Latoya, Star: Fired from The Celebrity Apprentice

--The special three hour Celebrity Apprentice 2011 - episode 10 eliminated Ne Ne, Latoya and Star with some interesting truths about our sistah's.

--Ne Ne Leakes appears to have revealed her true colors. Basically, in a nutshell Ne Ne became further disgruntled with her made-for-tv nemesis Star Jones. The "accommodations" made by Donald Trump for Star Jones were the last straw to cause Ne Ne's breaking point. So, Ne Ne quit via text message to Latoya Jackson and tried to use a trumped-up excuse for her less than desirable behavior in corporate business to rationalize the decision. Apparently, Ne Ne's dully-noted attempt to reconcile with Star fell on deaf ears. Star wasn't interested and Ne Ne was subsequently moved to team Backbone. Donald threw a curve ball to Ne Ne by letting her know that you don't win in business by complaining about another person actions.
--"To you Ne Ne," said Trump, "I say you're fired. And you're a quitter. Star Jones kicked your a** whether you liked it or not."
--Latoya Jackson surprised everyone with her bold and sassy successful move to get back on the Celebrity Apprentice; however, she was abruptly fired for a second time in Celebrity Apprentice history. Latoya failed to deliver as a solid project manager for team Backbone in the first assignment to produce and raise the most money selling tickets for a comedy show in NYC. Latoya seemed to gloat while taking the infamous walk through the Trump building to her awaiting car with a special skip in her step along with a swift gesture of her scarf as if to say I did it my way, b****.
--Star Jones, tried to prove that Meatloaf should have been fired for his role in episode 10 - second task. Team ASAP lost due to the quality of the commercial created for OnStar. Ultimately after a lot of arguing between Meatloaf and Star; making good reality tv for the viewers and ratings for Donald Trump, the person responsible for the poor branding of the OnStar product got the boot, which was Star. So, in the end and grand scheme of the situation, our sistah's with very different backgrounds left The Celebrity Apprentice together. Our unity in the black community comes in many eclectic ways.

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