Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Allan Houston Legacy Foundation: Father to Son

Your Black World reports

Former New York Knicks star Allan Houston credits his father, University of Tennessee Coach Wade Houston, the first African-American basketball player at the University of Louisville and the first African-American head basketball coach in the SEC Conference, with helping to nurture and develop his own career. Their close relationship led Houston to found Father Knows Best, a mentoring program for fathers and sons or mentors and mentees that teaches both basketball and life skills.

Through the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation, Houston has offered the program in New York for the past six years. This year, it adds two more cities – Detroit and Atlanta. Additionally, Houston will be on hand at this year's Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion to spread the word about responsible fatherhood, holding a Fathers Knows Best seminar, along with a basketball clinic. For the seminar, the married father of six teaches the FISLL Curriculum he developed for the seven-week Father Knows Best program. Houston strives to instill the pillars of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership, and legacy in both fathers and sons.

“The relationship between a father and son is so important - it’s no secret that our young men today need strong male figures, whether it’s a grandfather, step-dad, neighbor or mentor,” Houston says on his web site. “We need our children to have solid foundations based on an empowered spiritual relationship and positive self-recognition.” Despite the demands of his day job, Houston’s charitable service has afforded him several accolades. In 2007, Houston was named Father of the Year by the National Fatherhood Initiative; In 2008, Tulane University named him Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and this year, Houston received the President's Council on Service and Civic Engagement Award from the Obama administration.

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