Monday, April 25, 2011

Janitor Gives $40,000 to High School He Worked for

WHITE CENTER, Wash. -- The lunch hour is over and Evergreen High School custodian Tyrone Curry gets out his broom for a quick sweep up.
"I try to make sure it's spotless and it's ready for the kids," he said.
After cleaning, he's off to his second passion: coaching the track and field team.
"I just like staying busy," Curry said with a laugh.
But in reality, he doesn't have to work. He's a millionaire.


"I know my wife says, 'Oh, you don't really have to work' and I say, 'Yeah. I do."
Five years ago, Curry won nearly $3.4 million in the state lottery. Even before his numbers were drawn, the coach knew where he wanted to spend it.
"Ten years ago, I said if I win some money, I'm going to put a track here."
In early April, coach Curry presented the district with $40,000 to go towards a brand new track.
"Tyrone goes above and beyond in the sports he coaches," said senior Devante Botello. "It's a deep feeling. All I can say is thanks."


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