Saturday, March 5, 2011

Group Seeks to Protect the Legacy of the Jonestown Massacre Victims

Dr. Jynona Norwood is on a lifelong mission. The mission is one that is written in the blood and spirit of her own relatives, many of whom died in the infamous Jonestown Massacre 32 years ago. I'll let Dr. Norwood tell the story in her own way, but the massacre went down in history as the largest group of African Americans to die in one incident since slavery. Whites died in the massacre also, but most of those who died were black. Dr. Norwood is seeking to erect a memorial to remember the scores of children who died alongside their parents in this horrific incident, but is encountering resistance. Among the most insulting requests that have been made is that the name of Jim Jones be put right alongside the victims. Personally, I find this to be simply unacceptable. The interview with Dr. Norwood is below:

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