Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Accuser Alleges Bishop Long Had Sex on Church Grounds

by Dr. Boyce WatkinsSyracuse University 

Most of you may have read the story about Jamal Parris, the latest and most vocal ofBishop Eddie Long's accusers. Parris and three others have stepped forward to file a lawsuit against Long in state court for allegedly coercing them into having sex. Well, another bombshell has hit the room, and this one was also delivered by Parris.
Parris told WAGA-TV in Atlanta that he and Long engaged in numerous sex acts on church grounds, both before and after morning services. He also said that they would perform numerous sex acts in Long's home, car and office at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.
The four accusers claim that Long traded sex acts for cars, clothes and other material possessions. The sex scandal against Bishop Eddie Long seems to get just a bit deeper every single day. At this point, Long doesn't just have to worry about the ethical implications of committing adultery and being accused of engaging in homosexual sex. He also has to deal with accusations of pedophilia, since the public is not yet aware of how old the young men where when the alleged sex acts occurred.

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