Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black News: Man Throws Baby from a Bridge

A New Jersey man snatched his infant daughter from the arms of the child's grandmother and threw the baby off a bridge into the New Jersey river. The child's mother was in court at the time seeking a restraining order.
Acting New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow referred to the incident as "an example of a horrific case of domestic violence."
Police say that the girl's father, 21-year-old Shamsiddi Abdur-Raheem of Galloway Township, allegedly forced himself into the grandmother's apartment at 4 pm on Thursday. According to reports, he then struck her in the face, choked her and took the baby from her. The grandmother chased after Abdur-Raheem and was hit when she threw herself in the path of his van.
Abdur-Raheem was arrested four hours later when he allegedly confessed to police that he threw the child from the bridge. He then went to consult with his Imam, who drove him to a relative's house to call police. Abdur-Raheem has been charged with kidnapping, attempted murder, aggravated assault and child endangerment.

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