Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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  • NY Congressman: Michael Jackson was a low-life and a pedophile

    By theGrio via AP

    8:06 AM on 07/06/2009

    A New York congressman says in a YouTube video that Michael Jackson was a "pervert." Rep. Peter King said society is "glorifying" a "low-life" while ignoring the efforts of teachers, police officers, firefighters, veterans and volunteers...

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  • McNair's death ruled a homicide
    McNair's death ruled a homicide

    By theGrio via AP

    9:50 PM on 07/05/2009

    Shot twice in the head and two more times in the chest, former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was the victim of a homicide, police declared Sunday. But authorities wouldn't say it was a murder-suicide -- even with his 20-year-old girlfriend dead at his feet from a single bullet. McNair had been dating Saleh Kazemi for several months...

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  • Colin Powell attacks Sotomayor critics
    Colin Powell attacks Sotomayor critics

    By theGrio via AP

    9:28 AM on 07/05/2009

    Colin Powell, one of the nation's most prominent African-Americans, is going after people who attacked Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor because of her stand in favor of affirmative action. Powell, who's from the same Bronx neighborhood...

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  • Spike Lee speaks about
    Spike Lee speaks about "Do The Right Thing" at 20

    By Tony Anderson

    8:15 AM on 07/04/2009

    Much has changed since "Do The Right Thing" announced Lee's special gifts to the world. The police choke hold that killed Radio Raheem -- a fictionalization of the real death of Michael Stewart in New York City -- has long been outlawed. Life on the ravaged Brooklyn block where Lee filmed...

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  • Black men with a sweet tooth
    Black men with a sweet tooth

    By Sonia Narang

    8:00 AM on 07/04/2009

    Sweet potato cheesecake, strawberry buttercream, and, of course, red velvet. These are just a few of the freshly baked desserts available at three African American owned cake shops in Brooklyn and Washington, D.C. While Shakoor Watson, Warren Brown, and Raven Patrick De'Sean Dennis, III (who goes by Cake Man Raven...

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  • James Young becomes first black mayor of Philadelphia, MS
    James Young becomes first black mayor of Philadelphia, MS

    By theGrio

    7:50 AM on 07/04/2009

    KYLE HARVEY James Young recently made history in Philadelphia, Mississippi after defeating the incumbent Rayburn Waddell by 46 votes. On July 3rd he became the town's first African American mayor. Philadelphia, Mississippi is notorious for its history of racism. The...

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