Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Love gone bad: Whose at Fault in Domestic Violence Situations?

By Hugh V. Collins

Based on the article posted earlier, "Boston Teens state Rihanna is at Fault for Assault", I was compelled to add my perspective.

I am a Boston resident and while I'm not surprised at how some "teens" may think, it is surprising and alarming that they think Rihanna is responsible for her demise. I see teenagers running the streets of the city daily and I tell you, sometimes I just have to shake my head. Why do I feel like you see the same behaviors and think the same thing?

One may say a person's behavior is a direct indication and response to what medicine they receive at home. I use the term medicine because it is something someone usually takes to heal a symptom and some of these kids haven't been getting the right medicine. Domestic violence is common. Whoever tells you domestic violence it is not common is living under a rock. The thought process of the teenagers surveyed, while not unstable, may have answered in honesty based on their exposure to what happens in their home, and how they perceive the behavior of the participants of the parties involved - the abuser and the abused.


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